Flesh color

Flesh color

(Couleur chair)

François Weyergans

  • 1978
  • France, Belgium
  • Drama / Police
  • 1h56mn
  • French
  • Color
Anna, a gogo girl and stripper, meets all kinds of picturesque men, who all dream of making her their femme fatale. But in the end maybe she's the one who can teach a thing or two to the jobless clown, the photographer, the psychiatrist, the teacher who never plans anything for his classes or in his life.
This rare and cult Color Flesh is a UFO (Unidentified Filmic Object) in the image of its writer-director's eccentric personality and of its freewheeling shooting, with about as many imposed rules as an LSD trip. So behold this quasi-improvised movie, with dances by Béjart, a highly improbable casting featuring Lou Castel, Dennis Hopper, and model Verushka in the lead role, or Laurent Terzieff, who declared: "It's The Blue Angel set in the Common Market". Shot in 1976, the film was presented in Cannes in 1978 and released nowhere.


07/09 • 19h00 • Screen 300



  • With : Veruschka von Lehndorff, Laurent Terzieff, Jorge Donn, Dennis Hopper, Bianca Jagger
  • Screenplay : François Weyergans
  • Photography : Ricardo Aronovich
  • Editing : Emmanuelle Castro, Dominique Martin, Jean-Max Morise, Sophie Tatischeff, François Weyergans
  • Music by : Friswa
  • Production : Pierre Cottrell, François De Menil, Olivier Thual