The tower

The tower

(La tour)

Guillaume Nicloux

  • 2022
  • France
  • Fantasy / Horror
  • 1h30mn
  • French
  • Color
One morning the inhabitants of an isolated tenement building discover that a dark veil has settled around them, obscuring windows and doors. Those who try to go through it, don't make it alive.
Guillaume Nicloux has often flirted with the fantasy genre but this time tackles it head on, and brilliantly blends it with suburban cinema, notably by using actors with an urban background, like rapper Hatik, seen in the series "Validé" (Validated). As in Ciarán Foy's Citadel, the building, a very mundane setting, becomes a theater of inexplicable horror. Guillaume Nicloux explores its apartments and corridors and builds up a supernatural huis-clos that he submits to unexpected chronology. He also cleverly gives little explanation, choosing shadows over light.


17/09 • 18h45 • Screen 500
In the presence of the team



  • With : Jules Houplain, Hatik, Bruni Makaya, Ahmed Abdel Laoui, Jule Dhios Francisco...
  • Screenplay : Guillaume Nicloux
  • Photography : Christophe Offenstein
  • Editing : Guy Lecorne
  • Music by : Tim Hecker
  • Production : Thomas Morvan, Bruno Nahon, Caroline Nataf, Sylvie Pialat, Benoît Quainon