Deadly Aprils

Deadly Aprils

(Les mois d'avril sont meurtiers)

Laurent Heynemann

  • 1987
  • France
  • Thriller
  • 1h28mn
  • French
  • Color
Haunted by his daughter’s death, a police inspector, used to handling sordid cases, is called to a crime scene: The boiled body parts of an informer have been found in bags. A strange dialog begins between the presumed murderer and the cop, where they appear to switch roles.
A major 80’s noir movie, Laurent Heynemann’s film (co-written with Philippe Boucher and Bertrand Tavernier) transposes Robin Cook’s novel in a bleak Northern France, where the police are now all powerful. All morals seem absent in this nihilistic gem that exudes death : Fred addresses his soliloquies to his deceased daughter before going to harass her killer, his privileged interlocutor, the evil alter ego of his loneliness. A domineering and cynical Jean-Pierre Marielle, with his long black silhouette, delivers Audiard like lines; “ The only remedy against fools is to outlive them”. One of the best noir films of the past forty years, that curiously remains a rarity.


17/09 • 19h45 • Screen 300
In the presence of the director Laurent Heynemann



  • With : Jean-Pierre Marielle, Jean-Pierre Bisson, François Berléand, Guylène Péan, Brigitte Roüan
  • Screenplay : Bertrand Tavernier, Laurent Heynemann
  • Editing : Armand Psenny
  • Music by : Philippe Sarde
  • Production : Alain Sarde