Mother Dearly Beloved

Mother Dearly Beloved

(Mater Amatísima)

Juan Antonio Salgot

  • 1980
  • Spain
  • Drama
  • 1h30mn
  • Original version with French subtitles
  • Color
During the 80s in Barcelona, Clara, a young woman engineer, becomes pregnant and gives birth to Juan, an autistic child. She abandons her job and her friends, and devotes her life solely to her son, secluded with him in their home. Until a friend starts worrying about the situation...
Before his amazing Central Station, J.A. Salgot directed this excellent Mater Amatísima, now very difficult to see, co-written with Bigas Luna. He gradually installs strangeness and doubt, inverses the mechanics of maternal possessivity, when the relationship escapes all control and borders on madness. Vangelis’s score contributes to the uneasiness. A real autist, Julito de La Cruz impresses, opposite a vampirized and extraordinary Victoria Abril.


15/09 • 21h45 • Screen 300
In the presence of Victoria Abril



  • With : Victoria Abril, Julito De La Cruz, Jaume Sorribas, Consuelo Tura...
  • Screenplay : Juan Antonio Salgot, Bigas Luna, J. Rodriguez Jordana
  • Photography : Jaume Paracaula
  • Editing : Anastasi Rinos
  • Music by : Vangelis
  • Production : Ricardo Muñoz Suay