Édouard Logereau

  • 1965
  • France
  • Documentary
  • 1h29mn
  • French
  • Color
Brand new master
A visit of 1965 underground Paris, with carnies, prostitutes, drowned people, tatoos, voodoo ceremonies and othe rejoicings.
The mondo genre, a peculiar type of exploitation cinema, made famous by Cavara, Jacopetti and Prosperi's Mondo Cane, typically aligns pseudo-documentary racoleuses scenes, accompanied by an often hypocritical commentary feigning indignation against all this decadence. As many other nations, France had her lot, like this Paris-Secret by Édouard Logereau (La Louve solitaire) (The Lone She-wolf) with voice overs by Romain Bouteille and Henri Garcin and a jazzy musical score by Alain Goraguer. Banned at first, Paris-secret soon became a success, and then disapeared completely for several decades. Miraculously exhumed, Paris-Secret will be shown here in a scanned and restored copy made from the original negative.


12/09 • 19h45 • Screen 300
Screening hosted by Christophe Bier and Sylvain Perret



  • Screenplay : Edouard Logereau, Claude Brulé, Pierre Roustang, Tom Rowe
  • Photography : Roland Pontoizeau
  • Editing : Pierre Gillette, Jacques Doillon
  • Music by : Alain Goraguer
  • Production : Arthur Cohn