Pierre Pinoncelli, the artist who cut of his finger

Pierre Pinoncelli, the artist who cut of his finger

(Pierre Pinoncelli, l'artiste à la phalange coupée)

Virgile Novarina

  • 2022
  • France
  • Documentary
  • 1h25mn
  • French
  • Color
Is vandalizing modern art an art form in itself? Pierre Pinoncelli came to attention by twice vandalizing Marcel Duchamp's urinal fountain using urine and a hammer. But these acts, deemed gratuitous by some, overshadowed the essence of a subversive, iconoclastic and philosophical approach.
This portrait does justice to an artist who is also a painter, questions this funny and touching man, and depicts the journey of a rebel who clearly made his point. Whether he sprays red paint on André Malraux, robs a bank to protest against apartheid, cuts off part of his finger to denounce the violence of the FARC in Columbia, all his radical - and often humorous- acts, ring like snapshots of their times. Like an artistic terrorist that hurts only himself, he’s like Camus’s Rebel.


08/09 • 19h30 • Screen 100
In the presence of the director Virgile Novarina



  • Voiceover by : Fabrice Drouelle
  • With : Pierre Pinoncelli, Michel Ragon, Sarane Alexandrian, Catherine Millet
  • Screenplay : Virgile Novarina
  • Photography : Virgile Novarina
  • Editing : Damien Faure, Virgile Novarina
  • Music by : Xavier Roux, Léonard Novarina
  • Production : Gilles Coudert