A party in hell
Cinéma(s) d'Iran

A party in hell

(Shab-neshini dar jahannam)

Samuel Khachikian and Mushegh Sarvarian

  • 1957
  • Iran
  • Drama / Fantasy
  • 2h00mn
  • Original version with French subtitles
  • Black and white
Hajji Jabbar, an old miser, wants to wed his daughter to a rich old man, though she loves her cousin Hamid. Falling ill, he receives Death's visit, who takes him on a trip to Hell: he soon regrets his acts.


13/09 • 21h30 • Screen 100
Screening presented in collaboration with Cinéma(s) d'Iran



  • With : Reza Arham Sadr, Ezzatollah Vosoogh, Rufia, Medhi Raeis-Firooz...
  • Screenplay : Hossein Madani, Mehdi Missaghieh
  • Photography : Enayatallah Famin
  • Editing : Jamshid Sabuki
  • Production : Mehdi Missaghieh