Voodoo  (between living and deads, blood)

Voodoo (between living and deads, blood)

(Vaudou (entre vivants et morts, le sang))

Jean-Luc Magneron

  • 1972
  • France
  • Documentary
  • 1h40mn
  • French
  • Color
Dahomey, the birthplace of voodoo. Jean-Luc Magneron came back with exceptional images He plunges us into its history and amazing rituals.
On voodoo, we mostly know fantasy film classics like I walked with a zombie or The Serpent and the Rainbow, but if some faithfully approached its customs (Wes Craven for instance) they’ll never match the ethnographic authenticity of Voodoo, its real life images are more chilling than any imaginary creation : initiation ceremonies, sacrifices, comas, rebirths...The camera operators even put themselves in jeopardy to record the rituals. Though he doesn’t always avoid the spectacular side of mondo, Magneron nonetheless delivers an invaluable testimony, a sensitive and metaphysical experience.


08/09 • 15h00 • Screen 100


11/09 • 17h30 • Screen 100



  • Screenplay : Costas Ferris, Serge Ouaknine, Jean-Daniel Pollet
  • Photography : Bernard Rerat
  • Editing : Chantal Colomer
  • Music by : François Rabbath
  • Production : Michel Seydoux