Who killed Nancy? ©Kas Product

Who killed Nancy?

Otomo de Manuel

  • 2022
  • France
  • Documentary
  • 52mn
World premiere
Don't pronounce it wrong: this Hitchcockian thriller title hides a supercharged saga set in the town of Nancy, about its indie post-punk scene and its singular artistic identity, born in the wake of the mythical group Kas Product. It was an incredibly prolific and experimental scene, at first characterized by a sound going from no wave, cold wave, industrial music to punk. Heralding the coming explosion of electronic music, this scene blossomed wildly, adopting punk's Do it Yourself, to produce music, films, art and performances. Caught up by a world that had definitely changed, Who Killed Nancy retraces this adventure of one of the most important French rock scenes. An eclecticism shared by Otomo De Manuel himself, as an artist working as a director, a performer, in cabaret, music or films. [He's the founder and ex-director of the experimental theater company Materia Prima Art Factory and of the T.O.T.E.M. He's also responsible for the Souterrain Corps/limites festival and the Amazing Cabaret Rouge evenings.] Who Killed Nancy is a portrait of an art form thriving free of the system's shackles, until, alas as in all acts of contemporary heroism, Goliath triumphed over David.


13/09 • 20h00 • Screen 100
In the presence of the director Otomo de Manuel


14/09 • 20h00 • Screen 100
In the presence of the director Otomo de Manuel


17/09 • 14h00 • Screen 500



  • With : Mona Soyoc, Catherine Mamecier, Gérard N’Guyen, Francis Kremer, Vincent Hachet, Thierry « Mémé » Mérigout, Yves « Bidou » Schilling
  • Screenplay : Otomo De Manuel
  • Photography : Flavien Duvoix
  • Editing : Stéphanie Renard
  • Production : Ere Production