Dual + Apologia of albino zebras

Dual + Apologia of albino zebras

Apologia of albino zebras

Apologia of albino zebras

(Apologie des zèbres albinos)

Guillaume Talvas

  • 2019
  • France
  • Comedy
  • 19mn
  • Color
2146, masculine fertility is a memory. A poor young couple buys a revolutionary low-cost baby.


Riley Stearns

  • 2022
  • USA, Finland
  • Science-fiction / Thriller
  • 1h34mn
  • Original version with French subtitles
  • Color
Learning she’s got only weeks to live, Sarah decides to get cloned to avoid her loved ones the pain of her departure. But two years later, she's still alive, in remission, with a replica who has stolen her life and won’t give it back. The law prohibits the co-existence of the original and the copy, so Sarah starts to train for the deadly duel, well set on winning.
After the excellent Faults and The Art of Self-Defense (both shown at L’Étrange), Riley Stearns simulates traditional scifi to better impose an existential suspense film laced with wry humor, an incredible tale of survival paired with the portrait of a woman with issues closer to Swallow than Hunger Games. Sarah, (the astonishing Karen Gillan in her greatest role) follows a warrior’s path that subtly evokes constructing an identity and alienation in a society where “I” is always another. Terribly captivating.


  • With : Karen Gillan, Aaron Paul, Beulah Koale, Theo James, Elina Jackson...
  • Screenplay : Riley Stearns
  • Photography : Michael Ragen
  • Editing : Sarah Beth Shapiro
  • Music by : Emma Ruth Rundle
  • Production : Nate Bolotin, Maxime Cottray, Lee Kim, Sanjeev M, Nick Spicer, Riley Stearns, Aram Tertzakian


11/09 • 16h45 • Screen 300
Free screening in partnership with Canal+
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