Opening night: The roundup

Opening night: The roundup

The diamond 16

The diamond

Vedran Rupic

  • Sweden
  • Fiction
  • 13mn46s
French premiere
Stéphane is alone, he has no friends. He dreams of having one. One day he meets a miniature man suffering from claustrophobia.
The roundup

The roundup

(Beomjoidosi 2)

Lee Sang-yong

  • 2022
  • South Korea
  • Police / Action
  • 1h46mn
  • Original version with French subtitles
  • Color
French premiere
As soon as they arrive in Vietnam where they must extradite a suspect back to Korea, super cop Ma Seok-do and Captain Jeon Il-man are caught in the midst of a wave of murders: for several years, Kang Hae-sang, a mad killer, has been murdering tourists for money. The time has come for Ma and Jeon to stop him.
Four years after The Outlaws, Ma Dong-seok, A.K.A. Don Lee, returns to the role of Ma Seok-do, in this sequel much in line with the Don's image: fist fights and his unlimited popularity. Opposed to Sukku Son, perfect as the psychopathic pervert, Ma Dong-seok confirms his physical presence, punch first, talk later - funny for the viewers, not so much for the bad guys. An entertaining film that efficiently alternates from violence to humor, and that did so well at the Korean box-office, that a third installment is in the works. Action !


  • With : Ma Dong-seok, Son Seeok-koo, Choi Gwi-hwa, Park Ji-hwan...
  • Screenplay : Kim Min-seong
  • Photography : Ju Seong-rim
  • Editing : Kim Sun-min
  • Music by : Kim Tae-seong
  • Production : Ma Dong-seok, Kim Hong-baek, Jang Won-seok


06/09 • 19h00 • Screen 500