Seobok + The successful thawing of Mister Moro

Seobok + The successful thawing of Mister Moro

The successful thawing of Mister Moro

The successful thawing of Mister Moro

(Lyckad Upptining av Herr Moro)

Jerry Carlsson

  • 2021
  • Sweden
  • Science-fiction
  • 14mn
  • Color
Mr Moro's ex-partner, Adrian, cryogenized for forty three years is about to be unfrozen and brought back to life. But when the ScandiCryonics staff arrive to retrieve the cryo container, Mr Moro realizes he might not be ready for Adrian’s return…


Lee Yong-ju

  • 2021
  • South Korea
  • Action / Science-fiction / Thriller
  • 1h54mn
  • Original version with French subtitles
  • Color
SeoBok, the first clone to be endowed with eternal life, is the target of several organizations who either want to kidnap or destroy him. Ki Heon, a former secret agent with an incurable disease, accepts the perilous mission of protecting him, and is gradually won over by SeoBok’s humanity.
Promethean scientific experiments, governmental finagling, a determined traitor... All the ingredients are gathered to make SeoBok an ideal sci-fi film. Lee Yong-ju efficiently alternates action sequences and intimate moments, and also wanders successfully into melodrama. The existential questions infuse a strange melancholy, also expressed in SeoBok’s eyes, a Korean cousin to Stranger Things' Eleven.


  • With : Park Bo-gum, Gong Yoo, Jang Young-Nam, Woo-jin Jo, Byeong-eun Park
  • Screenplay : Lee Yong-ju
  • Photography : Mo-gae Lee
  • Music by : Yeong-wook Jo
  • Production : Kim Hyeon Cheol, Lee Yong-ju


07/09 • 21h30 • Screen 300
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