Bodyshop 16



  • 2022
  • Hong Kong
  • Drama / Erotic / Fantasy
  • 1h29mn
  • Original version with English subtitles
  • Color
French premiere
The ghost of a young soldier wanders through the world, borrowing the carnal envelopes of living beings; and sets out in search of his unfaithful lovers till he finds a kindred soul in the chaos that is Hong Kong He finds shelter in a very strange garage where bodies are used in ways that defy the limits of morality.
Imagine A Chinese Ghost Story revisited by Greg Araki. In this queer ghost story; ghosts want to get laid. Scud, AKA Danny Cheng Wan-Cheung, doesn’t stop at just provoking us and making us smile as we watch frolicking specters, he delivers a subversive cinema, frontal and erotic, between kitsch and experimentation. Derision is unable to hide the despair and the injured Hong Kong identity Scud has announced he’s abandoning cinema and his country. His departure is dramatic, but his swan song is superb.


05/09 • 21h45 • Screen 300


17/09 • 19h30 • Screen 300



  • With : Adonis He, Ron Heung, Nicky Bunyarit, Peace Chiang
  • Screenplay : Scud
  • Photography : Meteor Cheung
  • Production : Scud
  • Editing : James Cheung
  • Music by : Yu Yat Yiu