On The Line ©Metropolitan Films

On The Line


Kim Gok &Kim Sun

  • 2021
  • South Korea
  • Police / Action
  • 1h49mn
  • Original version with French subtitles
  • Color
French premiere
A victim, along with his colleagues, of a phone scam where he lost everything, Seo-Joon, a foreman and ex-cop, takes it upon himself to track down leads all the way to China to infiltrate the scammers organization in order to bring it down.
NEVER accept bank transactions on the phone! For sure, you”ll even more heed this familiar warning after seeing On the Line, thrilling ultra contemporary entertainment in the tradition of cyber thrillers, among which Michael Mann’s Hacker remains a model. Kim Gok and Kim Sun reveal the huge criminal organizations hiding behind scamming, real corporations operating like banks, where the most exposed remain the most necessitous - workers and students - diabolically contributing to the immutability of social injustice.


05/09 • 19h15 • Screen 300


13/09 • 16h15 • Screen 500



  • With : Byun Yo-han, Kim Mu-yeol, Kim Hee-won, Park Myung-hoon
  • Screenplay : Bae Young-ik
  • Photography : Lee Seon-yeong
  • Editing : Shin Min-kyung
  • Music by : Kim Jun-seong
  • Production : Park Ja-myung