You, the living

You, the living

(Du levande)

Roy Andersson

  • 2007
  • Sweden
  • Drama comedy / Musical
  • 1h34mn
  • Original version with French subtitles
  • Color
With fifty scenes, Roy Andersson shows human beings with all their contradictory emotions, their fears and joys, laughter and tears, sometimes both, to better depict all the absurdities of our existence.
The Swedish director is a genius oxymorist, generating complete uncertainty in face of the emotions it creates, tragedy becomes amusing and laughter despairing. And yet, You, The Living - maybe it’s an illusion - seems lighter than usual, notably because it’s the strangest of musicals. With Andersson, Kafkaian absurdity is always born from a terribly trivial, normal situation, amplified to extremes leading to nightmares or laughing fits. Yes, it’s all about us!

Kirill Serebrennikov

For me director Roy Andersson is one of the important living geniuses. An artist, who like all authors, represents his own visions on the screen and does so without compromise. He first worked for advertisement, winning numerous awards, then came to cinema and revealed his world of sorrow, humor, sarcasm and misanthropy.

These themes impregnate every Andersson film, making us experience very contrary emotions. In anycase, telling the stories of Andersson’s films, or even asking the question, “what are his films about?”, is totally useless. Even though I’d answer this: All Andersson films speak of the apocalypse. It might be local, scanty, sometimes funny, sometimes dark, but they’re always about the apocalypse.

The movie You, the living, that will be shown at the festival, is for me a stylistic gem from the director. It’s important to understand that all the places and objects in the film are artificial things made by hand. These apartments, streets, underpasses, alleys and landscapes don’t exist in nature, that whole universe is created in Andersson’s studio. It’s old school cinema, warmhearted, slow paced, but also radical and in tune with the times, created by a former advertiser with the heart of a great poet.


09/09 • 17h15 • Screen 100



  • With : Elizabeth Helander, Jörgen Nohall, Jessica Lundberg, Björn Englund
  • Screenplay : Roy Andersson
  • Photography : Gustav Danielsson
  • Editing : Anna Märta Waern
  • Music by : Benny Andersson
  • Production : Pernilla Sandström