The Food of the Gods

The Food of the Gods

Bert I. Gordon

  • 1976
  • USA, Canada
  • Horror / Science-fiction
  • 1h28mn
  • Original version with French subtitles
  • Color
On a little island, miraculous food appears that excessively enlarges baby animals. Lots of good meat available. Some rub their hands, anticipating fortunes; others worry about the irruption of giant bees, chicken, worms, then rats. The beginning of chaos.
In this adaptation of H.G. Wells, that swaps the writer's pamphleteer dimension for a humorless allegory, Gordon holds no bars. In the midst of an environmental horror wave where fear of coming catastrophies is evoked by the spectacle of nature reacting against man’s mistreatments, Gordon delivers one of his most impressive works, and one with no illusions on our future.


07/09 • 14h00 • Screen 300



  • With : Marjoe Gortner, Pamela Franklin, Ralph Meeker, Jon Cypher, Ida Lupino
  • Screenplay : Bert I. Gordon, from the novel by H.G. Wells
  • Photography : Reginald H. Morris
  • Editing : Corky Ehlers
  • Music by : Elliot Kaplan
  • Production : Samuel Z. Arkoff, Bert I. Gordon