An evening with Christophe Bier

Last year our crystal ball predicted Christophe Bier’s presence for another memorable evening. The ball didn't lie but it hadn’t told us everything. This time he won’t be presenting one but two films! It’s now established that Bier Night has become an unmissable feature of L’Étrange Festival. His bio hasn’t changed since last year. Christophe Bier hasn’t changed, still benefiting from eternal youth thanks to his secret elixir, his love for eroticism and his insatiable curiosity. If you have a question about the most transgressive, obscure and hidden French films, we're inclined to say: "Ask Christophe Bier'' because he’s the living memory of secret, forgotten, despised cinema, because it’s deemed scandalous and unsuitable by respectable folk. Hence it comes as no surprise, that he regularly rejoices us on France Culture with his chronicles in "Mauvais Genres", the aptly named radio show. An expert on B and X movies, he's also the director of The Dictionary of French Erotic and Pornographic Movies, the work of reference on the subject. He's not only a cinema historian, a novelist and a director, he's also an actor, for Jean-Pierre Mocky - who he can perfectly imitate - or John B. Root. He's also an indispensable creature of Bertrand Mandico's cinema. He appears in an extraordinary scene in Conann, in a fascinating (and very funny) role. He’s been delighting us now for three years. Tonight we’ll learn a lot, and laugh a lot.