Short films program 4 12

Short films program 4

The men's silence 16

The men's silence

(Silêncio dos Homens)

Gabriel Duarte

  • Brazil
  • Fiction / Experimental
  • 3mn05s
In a gymnasium, a speech therapy group where every member seems subjected to inexpressible suffering.
Bowlhead 16


Thomas Simon

  • USA, France
  • Fiction
  • 13mn33s
A weird solitary man has a passion: bowling. And he’ll do anything to improve his score.
Power Signal 16

Power Signal

Oscar Boyson

  • USA
  • Fiction
  • 20mn16s
After an odd demand from a customer, a delivery man witnesses a strange phenomenon.
Pipes 16


Jessica Meier, Sujanth Ravichandran, Kilian Feusi

  • Switzerland
  • Animation
  • 4mn02s
Bob the plumber heats up his wrench in a gay sex club.
Eeva 16


Lucija Mrzljak, Morten Tšinakov

  • Estonia, Croatia
  • Animation
  • 15mn57s
It all starts with a funeral. We follow Eeva in an enigmatic universe, tainted with sadness and melancholy…
Happy Doom 16

Happy Doom

Billy Roisz

  • Austria
  • Animation / Experimental
  • 3mn17s
An experiment with hypnotic colors and sounds.
Happy New Year, Jim 16

Happy New Year, Jim

Andrea Gatopoulos

  • Italia
  • Fiction / Experimental
  • 9mn25s
Through a computer interface, we meet Jim, who, as he’s playing online with his friend on New Year’s Eve, is struck by deep melancholy.
Mystic tiger 16

Mystic tiger

(Tigre Místico)

Marc Martínez Jordán

  • Spain
  • Fiction
  • 15mn36s
A heavily wounded man lives in constant suffering. One day he discovers how to eliminate all the painful moments from his life.


07/09 • 21h45 • Screen 100
Program not recommended for photosensible audience


09/09 • 19h30 • Screen 100
Program not recommended for photosensible audience