Carte blanche Olympe de Gê

Born in 1983, Olympe de Gê first worked for a com agency, then as a freelance publicity creator directing a few ads and music videos like the first for Christine & the Queens. A painful break-up led her to rethink her sexual and feminine identity. It was a turning point: she had to speak out. For her, for other women, she became a porn director: to gain the legitimacy to pass behind the camera, she acted in three feminist porn movies. A herald of alternative non lucrative productions, she simultaneously pursued her initial professional career. Since 2016, Olympe de Gê has directed short films (the series Xconfessions) that revolutionize the genre’s outlook, inciting to redefine pornographic images and for women, to reclaim their sexuality, to reconquer a mental and social construct forced upon them since western society's beginnings. Picking up a genre exclusively created by men and for men, she reinvents and stimulates a lost imagination, far from the specifications of programmatic porn.

Convinced that it’s fundamental to reawaken our slumbering senses, she considers sounds and smells are enormously important aspects of sex… With that in mind, she added audio porn to her tool kit, as it incites to “look for images behind our eyelids” and gives back all its erotic power to the voice. Aiming to reach women who might not naturally consider the genre, she co-founded the very successful audio porn and sex education podcast Voxxx.

In 2019, she shot her first feature film with Brigitte Lahaie, who trustily returned to the genre after a 40 year break. She plays a luminous Salome, a woman wanting to experience one last orgasm before putting an end to her life. All at once sensual, reflective and militant, The Last Time achieves to destroy stereotypes by addressing the sex life of a 65 year old woman. Another essential point is that Olympe de Gé makes it a principle to respect consentment during her shootings by setting up a guiding protocol for actors in an ethical and caring approach.

She’s co-written two books with Stéphane Estournet : Jouir est un sport de combat (Orgasm is a martial art) (2021) and Sex Talk (2023). More involved than ever, in 2022 she took interest in medical consent and created, with Professor Emmanuel Flamand-Roze, The Augusta Pledge, a new podcast questioning new post #metoo doctor-patient relationships. Her intimate pornographic activism echoes her private life, as when in 2021 she announced on Instagram her “heteronormativity” strike, which mostly revealed her eternal resistance to “ready made thinking, ready made living, ready made love, ready made fucking”.